Asai Ichimo, gold and white teapot with sparrows and bamboo

explanation of the work

On the side of a small teapot, a small sparrow flying between bamboos drawn in gold on pure white body is much fine. The origin of the design “bamboo and sparrow” is not clear but it is said that it is an analogy of a well-matched item and shows that it is in harmony, so it can also be used for family crests and kimono patterns.

size: width (max) about 9.4 cm  height (max) about 8 cm

When pouring tea from this teapot into a teacup, the design is drawn so that it can be seen by the customer, and the opposite side of the teapot is only pure white blanks. His back name “Sosentei Ichimo” is written in gold near the root of the handle.

Three gold sparrows are drawn for the customer, and the base of the sparrows is red and the wings and eyes are drawn in gold. The red between gold and white never makes it too gorgeous, and it looks like the gold blends into the surrounding pure white blank.

On the front side of the lid of the box, “○○ small sparrow / teapot” and “painted by Ichimo” with red stamp are written, and the historical writings posted for posterity are on the back side of the lid. The person who received this teapot wrote “Meiji 9th year (in 1876)… XX teacher came home … gave me this teapot …”, and the proviso says “… 5 teacups …”. It seems that this teapot was a part of a tea set.

about creator of the work

About the creator of the work, please search for “collection of Asai Ichimo, his works and his history”.


reference No. 18092713
date of exhibition 2-Oct-19
price sold out