Asai Ichimo, red and gold tea set with Chinese towers and landscape

explanation of the work

A tea set for sencha (tea leaves) consists of teapot, hot water cooler, and tea cups (a number of teacups were originally five). Ichimoi gained a high reputation for his delicate Chinese-style painting style with the motif from “manuscripts of patterns carved on Chinese inkstick”.

size ; teapot horizontal diameter about 11.4 cm, vertical diameter about 9.9 cm, height about 7.1 cm  hot water cooler horizontal diameter about 11.8 cm, vertical diameter about 8.4 cm, height about 4.6 cm  tea cup diameter about 9 cm, height about 5.7 cm

On the teapot, Chinese-style towers and palaces are drawn in red and gold in three panels, and the spout, handle, and lid are each decorated with brocade. Along with the style of painting, we can see the fineness of Ichimo on the body.

Like the teapot, the thin hot water cooler and cups for sencha, and also have Chinese-style buildings. Decoration of Chrysanthemum flower emblem is on the side of the hot water cooler. It seems this emblem represents that Ichimo created this tea set for the emperor and the imperial family.

The back name is not on teapot, but on the hot water cooler “kutani / Ichimo”, and on the sencha cup “kutani / made by Sosen-tei”.

about creator of the work

About the creator of the work, please search for “Asai Ichimo, his works and his history”.


reference No. 2006172
date of exhibition October 5. 2020
price sold out
remarks with wooden box