Utsumi Kichizo, brocade plate with peony and sparrow

explanation of the work

The so-called “peony and sparrow” design, in which sparrows fly around the peony, is drawn in red on the entire front surface, and the background is decorated with a technique of filling with the “ishime-uchi” (drawing fine dots like sand grains in the blanks) that were popular since around 1890. The edge is decorated with connection of brocade fine pattern.

size: diameter about 18.8 cm  height about 3.3 cm

The peony branch is drawn as extending upwards, once out of the plate and then hanging again. The fine gold flower veins of the peony (which are partially rubbed and thinned) are also very delicate.

The design of “peony and sparrow” was already drawn in the work by famous Japanese-style painters in the Edo period, and in the Meiji period, the catalogs of designs, “Onchi zuroku” were compiled several times by Kano school painters and designers for exported crafts. The catalogs were used as picture models for arts and crafts. From the experience of Utsumi Kichizo also making a work to be exhibited at the Paris Expo in 1878, it is probable that this work was also made with a motif from the catalogs.

Compared to the design on the front side painted in red or gold, the back side seems to be a sketch of what Utsumi Kichizo saw, rather than drawing in detail, away from red painting or brocade.

The back name is written as “Dainippon kutani / made this by Tozan (陶山)”. His store name of Utsumi Kichizo is “Shorei-do Tozan”. In addition, his works have the back name of “Utsumi Kichizo”.

creator of the work

About the creator of the work, please search for “Utsumi Kichizo his works and history”.


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date of exhibition May 3, 2020
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