Kameda Sangetsu, red and gold small plates with flowers and birds

explanation of the work

Kameda Sangetsu created large works such as gorgeous bowls or vases, while he carefully painted each small plate. This work is a set of ten pieces made as small plates used with gorgeous bowl at celebration tatami room.

size; diameter about 12 cm, height about 2.1 cm

Four small panels were cut out on each plate, and in the panels, Japanese-style paintings such as a person with a companion, a pine tree, trees with red flowers, and a distant mountain were finely painted, and in addition, the outside of the panel is filled with red like “Dokai’s red vermilion”.

The molding of this small plate has a slightly raised edge and is somewhat deeper. These small plates are called “namasu plates” and were used as plates for side dishes such as “namasu” (raw fish and vegetables seasoned with vinegar). It is reminiscent of the remnants of the plates that were lined up with the big bowl at banquets during the Edo period, and it is said that they were available in a set of ten or twenty at rich merchant’s house and Japanese luxury restaurants.

The back names are written as “kutani / painted by Kameda”. Others are “Dainippon / Kutani / Sangetsu-do” (大日本/九谷/山月堂), “Kutani / Sangetsu” (九谷/山月), “Kutani / made by Sangetsu” (九谷/山月造), etc.

creator of the work

About the creator of the work, search for “Kameda Sangetsu his work and history“.


reference No. 1809151
date of exhibition  December 5, 20195
price sold out