Akamaru Setsuzan, his works and history 

His works of Akamaru Setsuzan

brocade flower-shaped plate with figures and birds and flowers

Even after a considerable number of years, the brilliance of kinrande has not diminished and is still shining. On the other hand, in some panels, figures of people, flowers and birds, snow-capped mountains (similar to Mt. Fuji) and nearby trees are drawn, (continued)

brocade plate with flowers in autumn

The flowers in the end of summer are delicately drawn in the center of flat plate, and the surroundings are luxuriously decorated with thick brocade.  (continued)


his history of Akamaru Setsuzan

Born in 1827, dead in 1897

Akamaru Setsuzan was one of the master craftsmen of kutani, Kanazawa, from the early to mid-Meiji period. He was active as a professor of ceramic painting at the Ishikawa Prefectural Laboratory and at Ijun-sha (painting factory) managed by Utsumi Kichizo.

In addition, since he was listed as a potter in the works of Inoue Shoten, a pottery merchant in Daishoji, Enuma-gun, it can be said that his fame was high.

Mizuta Seizan, one of the master craftsmen of Meiji Kutani. was one of disciples of Akamaru.