Utsumi Kichizo, colored bowl with poppy flower and arabesque pattern

explanation of the work

The design of this work is interesting, because it is not a bird-and-flower or a figure often drawn in Meiji Kutani, and is not red style or brocade style. Also, the motif chosen by Utsumi Kichizo is a poppy rarely found in ko-kutani, and seems be influenced by his father Nabeya Kichibei, who was a painter of the Minzan kiln in Kanazawa, so, it seems that this work was applied to the composition in the works of the Minzan kiln.

The basic patterns are arabesque and “small crests in the mesh”, and more stylized flowers and poppy fruits are drawn, all of which are colorfully painted with five-colored paint in the traditional kutani.

size: diameter about 21 cm  height about 5.2 cm

Looking at the poppy flowers from above, the petals painted in red are made into arabesque, and the central stamen is drawn while making it bigger and extending to the edge. In addition, considering after the petals will be fallen, a poppy fruit is painted in ultramarine, and a small yellow pattern is drawn in the green mesh as the background.

In this way, the paints are yellow, green, ultramarine, purple, and red which are called as kutani five colors, but unlike red or ultramarine was the complementary color in kutani of the Edo period, Utsumi used much red, and arabesque pattern is also drawn in gold on red, because this work was one of Meiji kutani.

The large arabesque petals extend from the center to the side beyond the edge of the gong-style bowl, moreover to the foot oof the back. In addition, the “small pattern in the mesh” is filled as basic pattern of the front and back. The creator’s outstanding skill is felt in such a calculated way of drawing, and the precision and detail of the design, which is one of the characteristics of Meiji kutani, can be seen on this work.

The back name “Shorei / Tozan / -do” is stamped in vermilion in a square.

creator of the work

About the creator of the work, please search for “Utsumi Kichizo his works and his history”.


reference No. 202104301
date of exhibition May 21, 2021
price J-yen 20000 under negotiation
remarks tomo-bako