Kamide Kizan, colored and gold fan-shaped plate with bamboo and sparrow

explanation of the work

It is a plate with fan surface that expresses auspiciousness in both the shape and the pattern, and probably the painting shows the technique for the creator to elaborate. So, it was one of a set which was made as a celebration item.

size: width (maximum) about 20.6 cm, vertical width (maximum) about 12.6 cm height about 2.8 cm

Sparrows that look like humans are taking a walk in the bamboo bush. The delicate and soft texture of small creatures is well expressed, such as the piggybacked small sparrow looking into the face.

Three-dimensional small chrysanthemums are circulated around the center of the plate, and on the top and bottom of fan surface is painted in brocade contrasted with black, and a pattern suitable for a gorgeous celebration is drawn.

On the back side, “kutani / made by Kamide” is written inside the foot, and bamboo leaves are arranged on the outside.

creator of the work

About the creator of the work, search for “Kamide Kizan his work and history”.


reference No. 2106061
date of exhibition June 28, 2021
price J-yen 6200