Shimizu Bizan, his works and history

Shimizu Bizan, his works

red and gold sake cup with three auspicious characters

Three characters “fuku-roku-ju (福 禄 寿)”, the figure of “crane”, and the “tortoise shell pattern” on the outside are elaborately drawn.   (continued)


black and gold bowl with bamboo design

The creator drew a bamboo design on a pure white body with only black and gold, and created a calm atmosphere, and even the sound of a quick breeze  (continued)


Shimizu Bizan, his history

Shimizu Bizan    清水 美山

born in 1861), and died in 1931.

Miyama Shimizu learned Japanese-style paintings from Naoe Ryoshu and Iwai Koji, and porcelain paintings from Kasama Shuseki. After that, he started the porcelain painting business in Kanazawa, and established various techniques and painting styles, so he was called a master craftsman in Kanazawa kutani.

The technique of delicate painting “mori-kin”, which he was most good at, became one of the representatives of “Japan Kutani”, which caused a worldwide boom in the Meiji period, and in 1885 also developed a technique of using metal for painting in collaboration with Matsuoka Hatsuji.

Shimizu Bizan-do

Shimizu Bizan-do was a kutani store opened in Kanazawa by Shimizu Bizan 1892, and also handled purchased items together with his own works. However, it closed in 1936 after his death.