Takada Ryozan, colored and gold plate with figures and scenery in panels

explanation of the work

A fan-shaped panel is cut off in the center, and five panels are placed around it. Although the figure and landscape are not decorated in the panel, it looks like it is fit in a picture frame because the space among the panels is filled with the brocade detailed patterns.

size : diameter about 18.5 cm, height about 2.5 cm

Looking at the designs in the panels, there are three types of figures and landscapes. There are three appearances of the mountain of Mt. Fuji in three panels, and one of them is the roof of the house drawn in upper panel and it looks like Mt. Fuji. Considering that plums and cherry blossoms are in bloom, the creator drew some famous place, or since the creator was good at turning the story into a picture, it is probable that he expressed some scenes related with a story.

The brocade pattern like a picture frame is drawn in detail and gorgeously. These patterns are mounted with gold here and there, and the colors are bright as a whole.

The back name is written as “made by kutani / produced by Takada”. The other is “Kutani / painted by Takada”.

creator of the work

About the creator of the work, please search for “Takada Ryozan, his works and history“.


reference No. 2003232A
date of exhibition 2020.10.2
price J-yen 7000