Hashida Yosaburo, his works and history

Hashida Yosaburo, his works

three red and gold plates with Daikoku god and Ebisu god

There are some differences between the three plates on which the designs of Daikoku god and Ebisu god (both are included in the Seven Lucky Gods) are drawn. (continued)



a pair of colored sake bottles with a figure and horse under pine tree

The full surface of sake bottle has two panels framed with slightly thick black-gosu line. In the one, a person on the horseback is resting under a pine tree is drawn, and in the other, flowers and birds are drawn, (continued)


Hashida Yosaburo, his history

Hashida Yosaburo  橋田 与三郎

born in 1851 and died in 1926

The first Hashida Yosaburo was born in Sano Village (now Sano Town in Nomi City). He became one of the disciples of Saita Isaburo (Dokai), who had already opened the Sano kiln for painting in 1835, and worked hard for eight years, studying porcelain painting, and polished skill of the fine painting of Sano aka-e (red painting).

After the death of Saita Isaburo in 1875, Hashida presided over the “15th Day Meeting of Sano Porcelain Painters” with Kameda Sangetsu and others, researched designs, pigments, etc., and taught young painters how to paint. He encouraged the villagers to paint and also taught them how to paint, His encouragement contributed to laying the foundation for the porcelain painting industry in Sano Village.

In addition, in 1876, Hashida and others invited as lecturers Nōtomi Kaijiro (Japanese-style painter, industrial designer and educator), Arakawa Tanrei (Kano school’s Japanese-style painter) and others to learn about porcelain designs and how to use pigments. In 1902, when he became the director of the painting department of the Kutani Ceramics Industry Association, he contributed to improving the quality of kutani through apprenticeship screening based on the apprenticeship examination system.

His painting style of Sano aka-e was inherited by the second Hashida Yosaburo and his disciples included Kitamura Yosamatsu and Nishino Jintaro.