Hatta Itsuzan, brocade small pot with a flower-and-bird figure and lid

explanation of the work

The small pot looks like a rather large teacup with lid, but it is believed that these small pots were exported to the Westerns for use to store candy and bonbons. The entire surface of the pot, including the lid, is decorated with a bird-and-flower figure and brocade patterns.

size ; body : caliber about 5.2 cm, height about 10.3 cm, lid : diameter about 6 cm

This bird-and-flower figure is drawn in details on the entire surface, as is often seen in the export kutani that Ennaka pioneered in the early Meiji period, so it has a taste like a Japanese-style painting and is finished to the detailed Meiji kutani.

The tab of the lid is shaped like a treasure ball for wishing, and the surface is covered with brocade. The pattern on the lid is drawn across the teacup, and it looks like auspicious clouds. The combination of a treasure ball and auspicious clouds shows that they are the best luck. It seems that this pot looks beautiful to the eyes of Westerners.

The back name is written as “produced by Ennaka / painted by Itsuzan”. Ennaka Magohei was one of the pioneering pottery merchants in the early and middle Meiji period, and it is said that Ennaka asked painters to quickly incorporate Western tastes into their porcelain painting.

creator of the work

About the creator of the work, search for “Hata Itsuzan, his work and history“.


reference No. 1911101A
date of exhibition September 27, 2020
price under negotiation
remarks wooden box